Acme Kastmaster Spoon


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Kastmaster’s balance produces wild action without line twist. Its aerodynamic design makes it the master distance caster. The Kastmaster is machined from solid brass. It won’t break, bend or corrode and it retains its luster even after repeated exposure to saltwater.

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SW10/FT, 1 3/4", 1/4 oz, Firetiger, SW101/CHNB, 1 3/4", 1/4 oz, Chrome & Neon Blue, SW105/FRG, 1 3/8", 1/8 oz, Frog, SW1051/CH, 1 3/8", 1/8 oz, Chrome with White, SW1051/CHNB, 1 3/8", 1/8 oz, Chrome & Neon Blue, SW105X/GBS, 1/8oz Glow Blue Splash, SW105X/GRS, 1/8oz Glow Red Splash, SW124/CH, 1" 1/24oz Chrome, SW124/GGNT, Tiger Glow Gld Glw Neon 1/24Oz, SW124/GGRT, Tiger Glow Gld Glw Red Tiger 1/24Oz, SW124/GRN, 1" 1/24oz Green, SW124H/G Hammered, 1", 1/24 oz Gold, SW132/GGPT, Tiger Glow Gld Glw Pink 1/32Oz, SW132H/CH Hammered, 3/4", 1/32 oz Chrome, SW225/CHNG, 1 1/4", 1/12 oz, Chrome & Neon Green, SW225X/GGS, 1/12OZ Glow Green Splash, W105/BT, 1 3/8", 1/8 oz, Brown Trout


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