ORIGINAL ROCKNUS – S.E.R.E. Band (Available Sept. ’21) sere


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Hand-Crafted to your exact size and specifications. Expect 10-14 days creation time before shipping.

The ORIGINAL ROCKNUS S.E.R.E. Band is built on a solid foundation of TITAN SurvivorCord Patented Military 550 Paracord (3/16″ Diameter) with Integrated 25lb mono-filament fishing line, wax jute tinder and conductive, non-magnetic snare wire. Designed at the request of Special Forces in Afghanistan, there is no other paracord like it! It is made by Veterans in the USA.

Choose from 14 different TITAN Survivorcord colors and 7 different inside colors (Nitrile gloves)

What’s on the outside and readily accessible?
Liquid-filled Luminous Compass
Retroreflective V92 Daybright Surface
Signal Mirror
P-38 (John Wayne) Can Opener
Shim Pin
100dB Pealess Whistle
Ceramic Striker/Razor Blade
Fire Steel
LED Light
Non-Metallic Handcuff Key
5 Ranger Bands
3′ Kevlar Cutting Cord
24″Copper Wire
24″ Wax Jute Tinder
20′ Spider Wire 50lb Test Braided Glow line
Triple Antibiotic Pod
Wound Seal Pod

What’s on the inside?
13-15′ TITAN Survivor 550 Cord
13-15′ Monofilament Fishing Line
13-15′ Waxed Jute Tinder
13-15′ Copper Wire
2 Fishing Hooks
2 Sinkers
2 Water Purification Tablets
Sewing Needle
Security Pin
8″ Surgical Tubing
Waterproof Bandage
Metallic Patch
Gorilla Tape Patch
2 Sheets 12X12 Clear Plastic
1 Sheet 9X11 Foil
2 Surgical Gloves


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