Cotton Cordell 7″ Pencil Popper 2 oz Fishing Lure


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  • The Cotton Cordell Original Pencil Popper Topwater Lure is a pencil popper topwater lure.
  • Designed to deliver super-long casts.
  • Weighted tail that produces potent topwater action.
  • Equipped with rust-resistant hooks and loud internal rattles.

The Cotton Cordell Original Pencil Popper Topwater Lure is THE original pencil popper-style topwater lure. This is one of the oldest and most underrated topwater baits on the market. The larger sizes are a standard tool for striper fishing, while the smaller sizes have action and sound that will elicit strikes from pressured bass.

Additionally, the weighted tail helps facilitate its potent topwater action and gives it an extra-long cast.

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Chrome/Black, Chrome/Blue/Black, Mackerel, Pearl Blue, Pearl White/Red Head


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