Emergency War Surgery


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This is the illustrated official field manual used by US Army doctors and soldiers in the field. It offers profession, proven advice on dealing with infections, head injuries, fractures, burns, and more. For active-duty soldiers, first-responders, and anyone who might find themselves in a survival situation, it is a remarkable resource.

The Survivalist’s Medical Desk Reference – Department of Defense. Addresses topics such as critical care and damage control surgery; triage and aeromedical evacuation; weapon effects and parachute injuries; shock and resuscitation; fractures and amputations; radiological, biological, and chemical injuries. Softcover.

    Military surgeons must assume a leadership role in combat casualty care in circumstances that are far less than ideal. This handbook provides much of the information needed to tackle these issues and features state-of-the-art principles and practices of forward trauma surgery as used by military physicians in far flung locations around the globe. Subjects include:

    • Hemorrhage Control
    • Shock and Resuscitation
    • Vascular Access
    • Anesthesia
    • Face and Neck Injuries
    • Thoracic Injuries
    • Wounds and Injuries of the Spinal Column and Cord
    • Amputations
    • Radiological Injuries
    • Biological Warfare Agents
    • Chemical Injuries
    • And much more!

    Featuring nearly 200 illustrations demonstrating proper techniques, Emergency War Surgery is the most trusted and up-to-date manual offered by the Department of Defense for military medical personnel in the field.


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