Gamakatsu G250DS Duo-Side G-Box


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Maximizing space and allowing anglers to carry a large amount of tackle in one box, the Gamakatsu G-Box Duo Slide 250 combines two different storage systems into one dual sided box. One side of the Gamakatsu G-Box Duo Slide 250 features slit foam, which is perfect for storing hooks, flies, or jigs. The other side features Gamakatsu’s micro adjustable divider system that is great for storing any type of fishing tackle and can be customized to any size to increase efficiency. Perfect for backpacks, day trips, or short hikes, the Gamakatsu G-Box Duo Slide 250 gives anglers an easy way to carry a generous selection of their favorite lures.


– Color: Blue
– Dimensions: 7″ x 4.2″ x 1.6″


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