INVISAWEAR® Covert Security Jewelry



invisaWear® uses the same emergency response technology as ADT, the #1 name in security, so you can be confident help will be there when you need it the most. With ADT and invisaWear®, if you’re feeling unsafe, you don’t have to worry about finding your phone, opening an app or making a call. Actually, you don’t have to worry about much of anything. Because safety is built right into your outfit. So relax, help is always at hand. 


With invisaWear® Premium, you get even more features:


Video Streaming: Share video footage with an ADT agent using the invisaWear® app. The agent can provide the video as evidence to authorities if requested.


Reassurance Calls: 24×7 access to trained ADT agents. They can stay with you on the phone anytime you feel unsafe – like while you’re walking back home or to your car.


Live GPS Tracking: ADT can get you help quickly if you need it, even if your location changes during an emergency.


Chat: If you’re unable to speak & need to be discreet, you can text an ADT agent using the invisaWear® app. On a date and feeling uncomfortable? Take out your phone and text an ADT agent. They can get you help quickly if the situation escalates.


Activity Tracking: Be proactive about your safety by inviting ADT (and emergency contacts if you choose) to track you via GPS for up-to 4 hours. We’ll alert your emergency contacts and 911 if the timer you set expires and you don’t respond.


Self-Defense Classes: Complimentary access to virtual self defense classes taught by renowned instructor, Jennifer Cassetta. Classes are hosted once a quarter and teach you how to defend yourself in an emergency.


invisaWear® products are compatible with both iOS and Android devices!

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10001 Silver Expandable Bracelet, 10002 Gold Expandable Bracelet, 10006 Silver Leather Necklace, 10025 Rose Gold Necklace, 10026 Black Keychain, 10031 Black Athletic Band – Regular (sm/med wrist), 10097 Black Scrunchie


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