Jackson Cardinal Fishing Flies (Fly)


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Jackson Cardinal Dry Flies are tied on chemically sharpened brand name hooks. Their Blends of water repellent dubbing are a mix of possum and beaver hair to provide a high floating fly. The finest Hoffman Hackles insure that our flies float like real bugs on the surface. Pro Shop quality at affordable prices.
Trout do most of their feeding underwater, and day in and day out you’ll catch more trout on nymphs. Tied on chemically sharpened brand name hooks.

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039-16 Dry Fly #16, Brown Mayfly, 121-12 Nymph Fly, #12, Olive Stonefly, 216-8 Streamer Fly #8, Mickey Finn, 401-10 Wooly Bugger, #10, Black, 402-10 Wooly Bugger, #10, Olive, 811-10 Dry Fly, #10, Yellow Foam Stimulator


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