MA LTC Safety Course



Our classes are fast-paced, fun and entertaining. Once you complete the course you will be issued a Basic Firearms Safety Certificate by our MA Certified Instructors that will prove to your local police chief that you have completed all of the state required training for your license to carry. You will also receive your NRA certification which is recognized nationwide and can open up your firearms enthusiasm and experiences to whole new levels. (Talk with us about the HUGE discounts we offer on NRA memberships too!)

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AmVets Feb 26th 2023@1PM, April 16th 2022@5PM, April 1st 2023 @ 1PM, April 23rd 2022@5PM, April 2nd 2022@5PM, August 13th 2022@5PM, August 27th 2022@5PM, August 6th 2022@5PM, December 10th 2022@5PM, December 17th 2022@5PM, December 3rd 2022@5PM, February 11th 2023@5PM, February 26th 2023@1PM, February 4th 2023@5PM, January 14th 2023@5PM, January 21st 2023@5PM, January 28th 2023@5PM, January 7th 2023@5PM, July 16th 2022@5PM, July 2nd 2022@5PM, July 30th 2022@5PM, July 9th 2022@5PM, June 18th 2022@5PM, June 3rd 2022@5PM, June 4th 2022@5PM, March 11th 2023@1PM, March 18th 2023 @ 1PM, March 19th, 2022 @5PM, March 25th 2023 @ 1PM, March 4th 2023@5PM, March 5th, 2022 @5PM, May 21st 2022@5PM, May 7th 2022@5PM, November 12th 2022@5PM, November 19th 2022@5PM, November 26th 2022@5PM, October 15th 2022@5PM, October 1st 2022@5PM, October 22nd 2022@5PM, October 29th 2022@5PM, September 10th 2022@5PM, September 17th 2022@5PM, September 24th 2022@5PM, September 3rd 2022@5PM


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