The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants


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Now outdoorsman and survivalists can own the official US Army guide to edible plants. Whether you are a stranded soldier, a wilderness hiker, or you just want to know which plants growing in your backyard are edible, this is an invaluable resource.

The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants – Department of the Army. 143 page paperback. Includes sections on plants for medicine and poisonous plants plus many color photos.

Anyone who has spent serious time outdoors knows that in survival situations, wild plants are often the only sustenance available. The proper identification of these plants can mean the difference between survival and death.

This book describes habitat and distribution, physical characteristics, and edible parts of wild plants—the key elements of identification.

Hugely important to the book are its color photos. There are over one hundred of them, further simplifying the identification of poisonous and edible plants. No serious outdoors person should ever hit the trail without this book and the knowledge contained within it.


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