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The suture pad is designed with an upgraded mesh food-grade silicone material, non-smelly, non-toxic, reusable, environmental friendly, human skin-like, with 3 layers of different densities and built-in mesh, making it an incredible anatomical likeness that is durable to suture.
3.9 X 5.8 inches, compact size, variety of wounds, dense but lightweight, reusable.
CLASSIC 14 PRE-CUT WOUNDS -Designed by professional surgeon and tested by thousands of medical students, different shapes and sizes of pre-cut incisions to match different kinds of training tasks. Best suture kit for learners of different levels. Also great for educational demonstration.
– Includes surgical training scissor, Hegar needle driver, Adson forceps, SUTURING THREADS & NEEDLES –4/0 Nylon monofilament training threads, and 4/0 Silk braided training threads.

Ultrassist Suture Practice Kit, Layered Silicone Pad with Pre-Cut Wounds & Suture Tools, Threads and Needles


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