US Air Force Survival Handbook


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The Portable and Essential Guide to Staying Alive. 578 page paperback. Includes expert advice on: First Aid for illness and injury, Finding your way without a map, Building a fire, Finding food and water, Using ropes and tying knots, Mountain Survival, Concealment Techniques, Signaling for help, Survival at sea, Building shelters, Animal tracking, Predicting the weather, and more.

This Air Force handbook was written to help pilots who find themselves in hostile environments. While it is designed for use in formal Air Force training, it is also useful for the general reader seeking a comprehensive and complete manual of outdoor survival techniques. Any US Army survival kit would also benefit from this handbook.

Among other pieces of professional and expert advice, the US Air Force Survival Handbook tells readers about:

  • Finding your way without a map
  • First aid for illness and injury
  • Finding food and water
  • Building a fire
  • Concealment techniques
  • Using ropes and tying knots
  • Survival at sea
  • Signaling for help
  • Animal tracking
  • Predicting the weather
  • Building shelters

Released on the 70th anniversary of the US Air Force, this book outlines specific survival threats found in many different types of terrain and how to survive them. It is invaluable to all who enjoy the outdoors and anyone who seeks insight into the training tactics of the US Air Force.


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