Welcome to the brand new Rocknus Tactical e-store!

What happened to the old one? Well… Cancel Culture! That’s what!
Another anti-American corporation (Block, Inc. aka Square – starring Twitter founder Jack Dorsey) decided to once again flex their little muscles in another self-attempt at gun control by taking our online store, retail POS and card processing away without notice or explanation. (awe! *sniff*)

(For the record, we always honored their policies and never once sold a “prohibited” product or service online via their gateways or platforms. We’ve used them since 2007 without issue.)

The next day, Paypal, also without notice or reason, shut our accounts down. Obviously big tech went on a witch hunt. I’m assuming our status as an FFL is what twisted their undies. From what I gather, tons of people took a sudden hit that same weekend.

So… We took the dead Square web store offline, ran the retail store on cash and took a whopping 2 whole days to rebuilt everything from the ground up. Granted, we still have some product photos to upload as of the time of this post, but the site is fully functional and all items can be purchased. Now, with our brand new All-American, Pro-2A, Constitution-loving, AR15-shootin’, Shot Show-attendin’ card processor (Payroc – Ask For Laura Morgan), we can (and WILL) offer everything we offered two days ago PLUS all sorts of fantastic items that we were previously prohibited from selling. How do you like them apples? YAY! How’d your plan work out, Jack?

Before now we were very careful to never post anything that sensitive, anti-American corporations or their minions might try to cancel us over (shame on us for even TRYING to play nice). They did it anyway and when questioned as to why, they responded with (in writing)… Because we can.
You know what? They’re right! They can! Frankly, that’s what we deserve for dealing with known “woke” companies. Won’t intentionally happen again.

So… Now they, like so many other woke jokes, *can* witness another moronic anti-American plan backfire as now we no longer have to even try to be sensitive and instead we can go full-bore and let it all hang out! See, they actually had us under control before. We were timid and dare I say it… SCARED to post anything that might get us cancelled.
Instead of permanently shutting down a timid little site that never made anyone run for a safe space though, they’ve caused what you see here to be born within 2 days and they’ve not only lost the power to do a damn thing about it, but they’ve lost all the money we were paying them too! SELF CANCELLED! How goofy!
We’re still here though… Bigger, better and stronger than before and we’d like to just say THANK YOU to them! They should have done this years ago! We’re so happy and free now!

We’d also like to say “thank you” to YOU, for sticking around and bearing with us as we try so hard to grow in today’s climate.

OK… Now click here to go to the new online store and let’s buys some totally legal, Constitutionally-protected goodies! Shall we?

Johnny Tyler

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