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Now preppers can be ready for any possible emergency as James C. Jones shares his fifty years of experience as an advocate for survival, preparedness, and self-reliance.

How to Organize Your Life, Home, Vehicle, and Family for Natural Disasters, Civil Unrest, Financial Meltdowns, Medical Epidemics, Political Upheaval. By James C. Jones. 178 page paperback.

In Total Survival, veteran survivalist James C. Jones delivers tips that cover the most likely needs of readers and for which there is useful and practical instruction. His goal is to share a variety of practical survival skills, principles, and ideas in an easy-to read format that will aid the reader in becoming stronger, safer, and more self-reliant.

The ten principles of survival that Jones sets out are derived from analysis of true survival accounts. Studies of why some people survived fires, plane crashes, assaults, and other deadly situations while others in the same situations perished confirm that these principles made the difference. His table of contents includes:

  • 1: Ten Principles of Survival (including Anticipate and Stay Calm)
  • 2: Ten Disasters to Prepare For (including Home Fire While Asleep and Home Invasion by Intruder).
  • 3: Ten Items for the Prepared Home (including Emergency Plans and Packs)
  • 4: Ten Items You Should Always Carry (including a Miniature LED flashlight and a Whistle)
  • 5: Ten Things You Should Have in Your Survival Pack(s) (including Water and Weapons)
  • 6: Ten Ways to Avoid and Survive Street Crime (including Carjacking and Active Shooter)
  • 7: Ten Self-Defense Moves You Should Know (including Front Choke Counter and Handgun Defenses)
  • 8: Ten Medical Skills You Should Know (including Cardiac Arrest and Shock)
  • 9: Ten Ways to Gather and Purify Water (including Boiling Water and Distillation)
  • 10: Ten Ways to Gather and Store Food (including Foraging and Trapping)
  • 11: Ten Ways to Start and Maintain a Fire (including Fire by Flit and Steel and Fire by Solar Heat
  • 12: Ten Shelters You Should Know How to Build (including Fallout Shelters and Snow Shelters)
  • 13: Terrorism

Although the data and concepts in Total Survival are derived from accounts of acute disasters—such as tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and epidemics—they apply equally well to chronic disasters, such as economic decline, shortages, unemployment, climate change, and personal family or health issues.

In reality, all of life is a survival challenge, and a survival emergency is just a high-intensity life test. These ten survival principles are the key to success in everyday life, especially during an emergency.


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